Hot dip Galvanized Finned Tubes:
These finned tubes are used where air is corrosive or having more moisture. This gives longer life of Finns. After making complete finned tubes it is cleaned to remove oil, rust & any other impurities & then dipped into molten bath of zinc. This process is costly.

Finned Tubes with G.I. Finns:
These finned tubes are having G.I. Finns which is used for longer life of Finns against corrosion. This tube is cheaper than hot dip Galvanized Finned Tubes.

Oval Finned tubes:
Instead of circular tubes, Oval shape tubes are used.

S. S. Finned tubes:
S.S. Finned Tubes are having S.S. 304 & 316 Tubes & Finns. These finned tubes are widely used in Pharmaceuticals & Food Industries. These tubes have no corrosion problem & longer life.

M. S. to Copper Finned tubes:
Copper Finns have Good conductivity, Resistance against corrosion, longer life, Good after used Resale value. Oil Coolers are made from these tubes.

Copper to Copper finned tubes:
Copper Finns are wound on copper tubes & tubes are expanded.

Integral Finned Tubes:
Low Finns are developed from base metal tubes & are widely used in condensers.

Intercooler Finned Tubes:
M.S., Al., Copper fins are wound on copper tubes & these tubes are bend in required shape. These tubes are used in Air Compressors.